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If you find something to be offensive (in terms of privilege, discrimination, etc; not big bad swear words), please let me know, it would be very much appreciated. I'm not honestly not seeking to offend anyone, but I'm also not perfect.

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Way too much information about my ladyparts…


When I tweeted yesterday about the fact that I was having some of my vulva hair semi-permanently removed, some of my followers had a small “Stoya is going to have a perma-bald pudenda forever” party. I can see why some of you may have assumed that, but you are incorrect.

Maybe I’m just a bit snappier or more short-tempered this week than usual, but I reacted very negatively to what I perceived as a lack of appreciation for pussies in their natural state.

I just want everyone in the world to know that twats are incredibly varied and all wonderful, and I have intensely negative emotional reactions when I see anything that seems like vulva judgment.

Pubic hair comes in different colors, different textures, and different patterns of distribution. Vaginal canals (the part that can be fun to stick things in) have different textures. Labia come in different colors and sizes. If a woman wants to keep all of her pubic hair and nurture how wild it is or get rid of it completely, that is her choice. Whether a woman has light pink inner labia or dark purple inner labia, labia minora that reach outside of the majora and wave around like a flag, labia minora that are all tucked up inside in a way that looks kind of like a coin slot or absolutely anything in between, her pussy (in my opinion) is inherently beautiful.


(cut out the rest just to reblog this part)

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